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Application to l337fuckz

Hello, as your mod/personal Jesus, I hope you will consider me for this pretigous community.

Name: Kate


Place of Residence: Edmond, Oklahoma

Height: 5'9

Shoe Size: 10

p33n Size (optional): N/A

Favorite Bands: Sonic Youth, teh Velvet Underground, Jesus and Mary Chain, Björk, the Replacements
Favorite song to dance around the room to: Joy Division "Love Will Tear Us Apart"

How many times have you let the insane genius of William S. Burrough's Naked Lunch give you a mind fuck? 3 times

What is your opinion of Bob Saget? HILARITY INCARNATE

Share your thoughts on the sufferage of Ruthie Camden. What have you done to help her cause? Furthermore....How will you help us save_ruthie? I will do all that I can to help this nobel cause. I have a kidney on eBay right now.

Who is your favorite mid 90s Gospel-New Wave Country-Punk Solo Artist? Explain:

Ryan Adams may seem like a pixiedicked pompous prick at first glance, but he truly has a heart and shares my hatred for pitchfork media.

Which deceased rock star/politician makes you want to take up necrophilia as a hobby (current necrophiliacs, who was your first?):

Michael Hutchence. Mmmmm...

Plz write a 3-5 sentence paragraph regarding David Hasselhoff and the 80's icon of your choice slash:

It would be my great pleasure
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