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We're so l337 we make Harvard look like South Dakota Tech!

Na na na na na na na na l337ERZ!

We Are Teh JawesomeZ.
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We are so l337 we make Harvard look like South Dakota Tech! We want YOU to apply to this community, but be prepared to get shot down. And I mean HARD. You're going to cry, and then nobody will like you because nobody likes a cry baby. As if anyone likes you now, you l0ser. And after we throw you out you will become a social leper. Not a leper messiah, because those are awesome. You're just going to be a pariah.

But, HAY, what have you got to lose?

So plz fill out this application.

Place of Residence:
Shoe Size:
p33n Size (optional):

Favorite Bands:

Favorite song to dance around the room to:

How many times have you let the insane genius of William S. Burrough's Naked Lunch give you a mind fuck?

What is your opinion of Bob Saget?

Share your thoughts on the sufferage of Ruthie Camden. What have you done to help her cause? Furthermore....How will you help us save_ruthie?

Who is your favorite mid 90s Gospel-New Wave Country-Punk Solo Artist? Explain.

Which deceased rock star/politician makes you want to take up necrophilia as a hobby (current necrophiliacs, who was your first?):

State the name of your own personal or spiritual savior, and explain your selection.

David Hasselhoff or Gary Coleman?

What is your favorite item of l337 dress apparel?

Which Baldwin Brother do you prefer?

Which inanimate object are you physically/sexually attracted to?

The 1960s or the 1980s? (DETAILED ANSWERS ONLY)

Are you prepared to be REJECTED...... you worthless, un-deck slab of Chubby McChubkins?

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